Why Nordic walk?

Learn to Nordic Walk

Nordic walking is a form of exercise which provides benefit for everyone from those with medical problems to those who want to remain fit.

Nordic walking is a safe effective form of exercise for almost everybody as it exaggerates the natural movement. In using the poles to propel yourself forward, with a natural exaggeration of the shoulder swing naturally extends your stride helping greater rotation of the spine toning the body and buttocks, legs and ankles.

From my experience those who have taken up Nordic Walking having loathed exercise just love it!!

A few weeks can make all the difference

  • Posture improves
  • Stomach/ waist improves through posture and calories
  • Definition in arms
  • Toned legs and buttocks
  • Shaped and defined shoulders
  • Less swelling of ankles
  • General improvement in fitness
  • It feels easier than ordinary walking

My clients often when learning say its so much easier than walking. Almost like walking on a moving conveyor belt. However when Nordic walking heart rate is higher in using the poles they feel  lighter on their feet as these are aiding them walking therefore intensity can be increased and maintained for longer, burning more calories.

Cardiovascular and calorie burning benefits

Nordic Walking uses 90% of skeletal muscle. This is greater than cycling, running walking and swimming. Using more muscle requires more energy and burns more calories. Compared to walking Nordic walking increases calorie burn by 20%. The better your technique the more calories burned and the more effective the muscle groups are working. The technique has a far greater cardiovascular effect especially when going up hills or increasing the downward push/   propulsion with the poles.

No longer are joints under pressure

Improved posture and using poles helps to relieve pressure on joints therefore reducing pain. Reduced pain increases activity for longer duration and more calories are burnt, leading to weight loss reducing further pressure!!!

No more bingo wings!!!

Muscle mass and strength deteriorate naturally as we age. This can lead to poor posture making everyday tasks more challenging  and potential falls as we get older.  Nordic walking engages the upper body so stability and strength are maintained enabling older adults to lead an active happy life.

Stress and tension

Many of us have sedentary jobs. In swinging the arms through the shoulders helps the shoulders to relax and drop thereby reducing tension in the shoulders and neck reducing headaches.

Pelvic floor and stronger back

Using the poles and propelling yourself forward engages the abdominal muscles to keep the posture upright and this engages muscular activity deep in the pelvic floor. The rotation of the trunk as the arms swings improves spinal rotation.

Wellbeing and mindfulness

The mood boosting benefits of exercise are well known. Nordic walking is not done in isolation in a closed gym environment but in a group outside and this social aspect has a wonderful feel good factor. This has a greater impact on stress and anxiety and we may even have a good laugh!!Well being

That’s not all

  • Nordic walking has additional benefits
  • Can be done anywhere
  • Appeals to all ages and fitness levels
  • Social
  • Affordable
  • Easy to learn
  • No need for tight gym fashion


If this alone is not enough to convince you I suggest your next step is to book onto a Free taster session. 90% of you who did a free taster session then went on to book on to a Learn to Nordic Walk course



Updated: August 14, 2018 — 1:30 pm